Logon Screen Rotator
An application that randomly selects different logon screen background images for your Windows 7 or Windows Vista install.

Record your productivity or just some useless statistics around your keyboard activity.

Don’t Forget The USB
Never forget your USB disk drive again.

Peek Through
With the use of hot keys you make the foreground window see-through, so you can see and interact with the contents behind it.

Keyboard Notifier
Keyboard Notifier sits in the system tray and notifies the user as to the state of the Caps, Scroll and Num lock keys.

Pixel Ruler
A tool that allows you to measure elements on your screen

Wake On Lan
Wake your sleeping PC from another PC across the LAN

Windows 8 DP Start Screen Editor
Edit the background colour and image on the Windows 8 Start Screen

Typing Test
A simple typing test to check your accuracy and WPM.

Number Guesser
You are able to choose between characters, set the number ranges and a few other options. Fun for everyone!

Regular Expression Validator
A simple regular expression validator and tester.

Pre-release Software
Software below is in the early development stages and has not been through rigorous testing. Use at your own risk.

Extend your start menu search results to include math calculations, web searches, dictionary meanings and much more!