Moving The Default Windows 8 Screenshot Directory

November 11th, 2012 by Luke

Windows 8 includes a new screenshot function that takes a screenshot and dumps it to the Screenshots folder within your Pictures directory.
The shortcut to trigger this function is Windows_Key+Print_Screen for keyboard users and Start_Button+Volume_Down for tablet users.

Being that I have my Pictures directory in a place other than the default, I came up with a platform independent (Windows 8 x86 & ARM) way of moving this directory – I make use of symbolic links to point the directory to another.

Here is the batch file I created for doing this:

@echo off
SET CurrentScreenshotsDirectory=%userprofile%\"Pictures\Screenshots"
SET NewScreenshotsDirectory="ENTER NEW PATH HERE"
IF EXIST %CurrentScreenshotsDirectory% (
RMDIR %CurrentScreenshotsDirectory%
IF NOT EXIST %NewScreenshotsDirectory% (
MKDIR %NewScreenshotsDirectory%
MKLINK /D %CurrentScreenshotsDirectory% %NewScreenshotsDirectory%

Just plug in the new screenshots directory and run the batch file under administrator credentials. However, if you have and want to keep existing screenshots, you will need to move them before running this script.

FYI – You can control the screenshot counter index by tinkering with this registry key: