How would you like to see Logon Screen Rotator function on Windows 8?

April 17th, 2012 by Luke

As Windows 8 draws near I plan to adapt Logon Screen Rotator to have new functionality, which will make use of the new customization possibilities in Windows 8. The current version of LSR which works on Windows 7/Vista will still be supported, but the product will do more with Windows 8.

So I put it to you, what functionality would you like to see LSR take on with Windows 8? I wont announce my ideas at this stage as I want to see what the communities response to this question is first. So you can reply to this post, email me directly at or connect with us on Facebook with your thoughts or comments.

I look forward to reading you responses


  • Alcadeias

    I like the way it is at present 🙂 .

  • Casper69831

    I would love it please

  • Mohammad Ahmed

    Any news when you going to launch win 8 specific version ?

  • Joe

    Looking forward to Windows 8 LSR version