Windows 8 Start Screen Editor

December 16th, 2011 by Luke

I have been working on a start screen (and immersive) editor for Windows 8 that allows all of the various colors, layout and some other aspects to be changed. However, due to a more pressing project that I am excited about, I am yet to finish this. So as to not leave this editor hanging, I am releasing a basic version for the start screen now. This editor allows you to change the background colour and/or image. You can download the current release here.

Here is a (colorful) example of some of the options you will be able to modify in an upcoming release:

Start Screen Editor Future Release

Feature suggestions/ideas are welcome! Email me: lukes email

  • Prince Ktd

    hey luke… after using your login screen rotator for so loooong, i am excited about this one… somehow, if this one too had the capacity to ‘rotate through’ a list of images and change the start screen image/background color every login, it would be gr8.

    • Anonymous

      I will be looking into this and the bootscreen more once we have the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. This way there is less chance of code changes before Windows 8 RTM.


      • Prince Ktd

        yeah… that sounds right… I think, in DP, this resource is in shsxs.dll, am i right? i heard that in CP and later, it would be in some other file or so….

  • Prince Ktd

    any ideas on chaning the bootscreen too???